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Ministry Vision and Mission

Margaret Mercy Ministries Vision

Margaret Mercy Ministries (M.M.M.) is a Ministry with the vision and purpose of reaching the whole world with the gospel as Christ commissioned.

The ministry endeavours to transform families towards living in love, unity, harmony, peace and tranquility for the service of Christ and preaching his word.

The missions of the Ministry are:

  1. To ensure solid family foundation and stability, with independence, self-reliance and income-generation;
  2. To ensure families work together as one functioning unit for their own prosperity and for Christ;
  3. To ensure that children learn to be obedient to their parents and elders as God's law requires;
  4. To ensure that parents teach their children based on biblical principles for the continuity of the family stability;
  5. To encourage spouses to learn to forgive and forget and love unconditionally, living in perfect unity and harmony as God purposed;
  6. To teach and train spouses on the bedroom techniques; how to fulfill the sexual desires of a spouse;
  7. To train spouses on communication techniques and skills; listening and not hearing, understanding and not seeing, speaking and not shouting/yelling;
  8. To train parents on the benefits of having peaceful relationship with their children as this will either make or break the perspective and motivation of the children;
  9. To train, guide and counsel children and youth on the issues of drugs, alcohol, fornication, teenage pregnancies and marriages and how to avoid them;
  10. To educate and train women on bedroom hygiene and etiquette;
  11. To encourage family solidarity.

Reception Desk - We welcome you with smiles and joy!

Genesis 2:18; “It is not good for man to be alone…”

MMM is passionate about transforming families towards living in love, unity, harmony, peace and tranquility for the service of Christ and preaching his word. One of the most important missions of our ministry which serves as its slogan is to uplift the standards of family relationships. It aims to inspire, motivate, encourage, educate, comfort and empower especially the youth, and women in various ways and capacities.

The Ministry has the following roles:

Teachings on Family Relationships and Life Challenges

Women and Youth Programs and Empowerment

Guidance and Counseling - The Ministry offers Training, Guidance and Counseling for the married, single men and women on relationships; and the youth are not left behind either and especially on areas of alcohol and substance abuse. Guidance and Counseling is offered for families on the general principles, values and benefits of having peaceful and harmonious family relationships; teaching on the value and importance of love, being quick to forgive and be forgiven just as Christ has loved us, forgives us and died for our sins.

For all Prayer needs and Requests

Teaching the Word of God – which takes place in early morning devotions and our Saturday fellowship and also in mission work which involves traveling from one area to another where we are invited by the various churches in Kenya and hopefully we shall be invited beyond our borders.

– our mandate and commission is to preach the Gospel of Christ the world over.

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